Sunday, 16 March 2008

Dinner at Korean Restaurant

Went for a splendid dinner with Hwee Kee and Jacelyn at Kokuryo Korean Restaurant last night. It is situated about 5-7 mins walk from my flat. We ordered sizzling hot chicken with rice cake, squid and pork served with lettuce leaves and bean paste. All came with sticky rice and free flow of green tea/jasmine tea of your choice. We also ordered Nagoya Sushi as starter along with 4 small portions of side dishes (free). Overall, the food was nice and filling! The only downside of this restaurant is probably its crampy layout. So, it's better to make a reservation in advanced!

On our way back, Hwee Kee and Jacelyn were very nice to drive me to Sainsburys at Crow Road to get my favourite MILO -- which I have been craving for months (I bought half a dozen) and 7 kgs of long grain rice (should be able to last me for quite a while). It will be a tough mission if I have to carry everything all by my own. Many thanks to both of them! " Ribuan terima kasih"

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思斌 said...

Saya pun suka minum Milo... tapi dapat beli kat sini dengan senang sajer ~